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Sit down, let me tell you about

this magical place

We are so many things: castle, 30 ha of nature, seminar centre, place to grow, BodyHeartSoulCommunity

And so many things we are not: insta-licious wedding venue, hotel, profit booster-meeting center, restaurant

But what’s most important is not what we are, but WHY we are.

“For decades the Heerlijckyt has been nurturing conscious leadership. We offer a magical mix of powerful nature, ancient beauty, loving dedication, healthy food and future proof wisdom. We invest our all to make your shift happen.”

Annemie • inspirer & founder Heerlijckyt (6.0)

Our Homemakers

We have a heart for home-making and care-taking. And we are always curious about why you are.

Our Domain

Our castle is a heritage site, that is obvious. But have you ever really experienced the power of the 150 year old trees all around?

It doesn’t matter what you believe or not.

Standing next to such a friendly giant and sharing a couple of breaths, makes you aware of a world where time travels at a different pace. It makes you feel relevant and irrelevant at the same time.

It is hard to wrap our words around this magical place. The Heerlijckyt is a domain to experience yourself. Welcome.

Our Food

Vegetable-based, healthy, and so so very yummy. Famous since ages, and according to some guests the n°1 thing to look forward to when they come.

Almost two decades ago, we started with the lunches being veggie, long before this was a hype, so we have quite some experience with vegetable cooking.

Today, all meals are also vegetarian, but if you really can’t miss some fish or meat, no hard feelings, we’ll go hunting for you!

Our Foundation

We want to realize so much: a food forest, mental well-being programs, new trees for future generations, BodyHeartSoul Leadership experiments, …

The list is too long and our time too short. Thank God a foundation has been set up to fuel all these projects: The Village and the Common Fields of Grace.

Want to make a donation or offer your knowledge, time or muscles?

Yes, take me to these Common Fields of Grace

Our Art

Sometimes striking, sometimes subtle, sometimes almost hidden in nature, but always surprising and inspiring.

Take a moment. Stop what you are doing. Breathe, and let this artwork do it’s magic …

What is where?

What has been said

This autumn we will organise the 13th edition of what has since transformed into "Leertraject Stakeholdermanagement en Participatie". And a lot changed in those 14 years. It was all a bit smaller and more intimate in those early years. Meanwhile, the place has reached its full potential and so it has all become a bit bigger and more professional. But even now you can still rightly use the word 'wonderful' for every aspect of your stay: the reception, the halls and rooms, the food, the team, the campfire under the stars, the conversations by the fireplace or in the bar.

Stef SteyaertManaging director at WhoCares, Chairman at Socius

Heerlijckyt is not just a regular meeting center away from the city, it's an entire ecosystem. We were all happy to enjoy its domain gardens, pond, pear & apple trees. During our 3 day stay it was rarely that we were connected to a screen, instead we were trying to absorb its beauty and just be.

Alexandra ClipaAdmin & Events Officer - Zero Waste Europe

So what is it that makes this place stand out, you ask?
The energy of these age old grounds: vibrantly calm, reassuringly stable.
The simplicity of the meeting halls and lodging: stylish and effective.
The quality of the meals: tasty, healthy, nurturing both stomach and heart.
The place, the facilities, the people are thus the riverbed in which our clients’ energy and our own can stream.
That’s why we keep coming back to the Heerlijckyt ever since it opened.

Filip LowetteManagement consultant & Trainer at Claridad

The Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren is an excellent place to feed the mind but also the body. The food is absolutely fabulous. Fresh and delicious!

Pedro StrauwenEntrepreneur at Keldermans Wonen